UNIQUIN 2.0. – The new lock and hinges generation

UNIQUIN, our glass partition wall system for communicative room structures is optimised by a new lock with variable possibilities and by new hinges. The UNIQUIN lock 2023 MultiVar offers the user more freedom and flexibility in design and function. The UNIQUIN hinges are easy to install and especially discreet, so that they can be integrated into any room structure.


Lock generation 2023: For coordinated design with extended function

With the new UNIQUIN lock 2023 MultiVar, even more handle variants can now be accommodated thanks to a standardised hole pattern. In addition to more freedom and flexibility in design and function, this creates the possibility of a harmonised look in the property. For even more visual harmony, the colours (powder coating) of the in-house handles can be selected to match the system.

The integrated whisper latch ensures quiet and gentle closing. The variant with the magnetic latch offers convenience and an even more elegant appearance. The retracted latch is flush with the door. 

Generation of hinges 2023: Fine design, also for heavy weight classes

The new hinge generation 2023 is offered for door weight classes up to 80 kg and up to 130 kg. Both hinges are screwed into the inner reveal of the frames. This guarantees continuous frame cover profiles without interruption in the hinge area. 


The hinge 2023 Clamp&Cover 80 lies completely inside the rebate and is therefore almost invisible from the outside of the frame. With the clamping technique used here, there is no need for glass processing, which simplifies assembly enormously.  

Another special feature: side panels can be selected in a different glass thickness to that of the door.  Possible glass thicknesses: 8 - 12.76 mm. 

With the hinge 2023 Standard 130, we offer a size-reduced hinge that integrates discreetly into the appearance of the system. Here, too, installation is quick and easy with screw clamping on two glass holes.  


Produktdetail UNIQUIN 2.0.

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