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We develop innovative products that conserve resources already in production to contribute our part to a climate-friendly future. Therefore, our production processes are continuously optimised in a sustainable way and our durable products support our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals.

Conserve resources – act environmentally conscious

This can be seen in many concrete measures. It starts with our just-in-time production, which avoids unnecessary transport routes, storage areas and manufacturing processes. We pay special attention to our energy consumption and use 100% green electricity from hydropower. We only use e-vehicles (forklifts, etc.) for the internal transport of goods. We also use energy-saving LED lighting. Waste separation is a standard practice for us. Metal scrap is separated by type and 100 % recycled. Cooling lubricants are recovered during the recycling of chips from metal-cutting operations.

The powders used in our powder coating process are free of solvents and heavy metals. And we already work in an environmentally friendly way in the pre-treatment: we do not use chromating while maintaining the same high quality, and we also work without wastewater. Evaporation losses that occur during water regeneration are replaced by rainwater.

EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) are available for some of our articles. Of course, we comply with the legal requirements of the REACH-RoHS directives of the European Union.

We are working with an energy consultant to create more energy efficiency in order to implement further measures (use of solar energy, low-energy production, etc.). Our short-term agenda also includes certification in environmental management DIN ISO 14001.


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