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The invisible transom door closer for double-action doors with patch fittings

The RP double-action door system works with a dormakaba RTS frame door closer, which is concealed in a continuous frame profile. The door leaf is connected via a top and a bottom patch fitting.



  • The door automatically swings back into the zero-position 
  • Hold open at 90° opening angle
  • Downward connection by screw-on floor bearing: valuable floor finishes (underfloor heating etc.) remain intact.
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RP - At a glance

Glass Type


Glass Thickness

8, 10, 12 mm

Max Leaf Weight

110 kg


1 or 2 panels, side light, toughened glass assemblies




anodized or RAL-colors (coated)


pdf | 16 MB
Technical brochure manual single- and double-action door systems


Applicable in public buildings and privat homes, for sliding, single and double action doors, matching the appearance of the entire building.

The profile provides a clean, elegant connection of toughened glass assemblies toward the wall, the ceiling or the floor.

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