Moving Transparency.


We create lightness with maximum transparency.

Learning effortlessly, getting into a positive exchange with people quickly, developing new ideas with great creativity, completing tasks with excellence. All this is associated with the term lightness. The prerequisite is that we have a good view of things as undisturbed as possible. With full transparency, we quickly have a clear view - literally and figuratively.

Transparency dissolves boundaries, makes small rooms appear larger and brings light into the dark. In architecture, glass is the material that makes this transparency possible. And our fittings set it in motion.

Transparency moves.

Great when fittings affect the transparency as little as possible and support the impression of weightlessness. Filigree in form and easy to handle, they allow the effect of large glass surfaces to take precedence. In every installation situation and with every movement.

This is how transparency unfolds its full lightness.

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