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Thermally insulated closure in an instant

Glass sliding walls with thermal insulation give you a firm grip on your indoor climate - regardless of whether the outside temperature is hot or cold. This sliding glass wall is a very good choice wherever higher temperature differences need to be separated at times.



  • Energy efficiency through improved thermal insulation
  • One convenient switch from sliding panel function to door function at the single-action sliding panel
  • Straight design of the framed panels with barely visible operating elements
  • Multi-point locking for single-action end panels and single-action sliding panels."
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HSW FLEX Therm - At a glance

Glass Type

TSG, LSG, insulating glass and special glass

Glass Thickness

upto 49 mm

Max Leaf Height

3000 - 3500 mm

Max Leaf Width

1250 mm

Max Leaf Weight

150 kg

System Course

Straight, angled, segmented


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Brochure HSW FLEX Therm 2023
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Technical Brochure Glass Sliding Walls 2023
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Enquiry / Order Horizontal Sliding Walls
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Mounting instruction eccentric bushing
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Mounting instruction HSW FLEX Therm
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Operating instrucion HSW FLEX Therm


Large selection of lever handles for glass doors, which are technically mature solutions for high design requirements in the building.

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Special conditions apply to sliding wall systems in the facade area, because this is where weather influences and temperature differences between inside and outside are most
significant. Sliding panels with all-round, thermally insulated profiles prevent cold bridges in the surface.

The circumferential frames of the HSW FLEX Therm panels not only protect against cold or heat. They are also equipped for the safety of material goods and persons: With MULTIBLINDO multi-point locking systems. As desired, ranging from the simple open/close variant to adjustable functions for access from inside and outside, to the self-locking panic exit door.
Climate or people: Those who should not have access are kept out!

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