House of Life Solingen

Project data and facts

Finalization: 10/2012
Products: OFFICE glass door fittings, UNIVERSAL patch fittings
Architects: Großkemm & Richard Architekten & Innenarchitekten
Involved partners: Heldmann-Türen GmbHALU Reddig GmbH

People in need of care have different requirements for a care facility according to their age. Young people are rarely considered, so they are often accommodated in senior residences. However, to fulfil the quality of life by meeting the specific needs of the age group from 18 to 55, the 'House of Life' was established in Solingen. Here, 20 young adults are accompanied who have become dependent on care due to an accident, AIDS or an addictive disease, a stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, or other neurological illness.

While the bedroom doors are solid, the doors in the corridors and to the community rooms are made of glass. Here, the OFFICE glass door fittings and the UNIVERSAL patch fittings for toughened glass assemblies ensure flawless functionality. 

Specific challenges

  • Continuous barrier freedom
  • Compliance with the standard for escape and rescue routes
  • Requirement for residential facilities of the NRW State Nursing Care Act

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