Floor closure with thermal break for framed sliding walls

Special conditions apply to sliding wall systems in the façade area, because this is where weather influences and temperature differences between inside and outside are greatest. Sliding sashes with all-round, thermally separated profiles prevent cold bridges in the surface.

Now, the DORMA-Glas HSW FLEX Therm systems can additionally be planned and equipped with a floor profile that also provides a bottom closure with better protection and thermal separation.

The floor profiles are easy to install on the finished floor. With a low height of 7 mm and thresholds sloping down to floor level at the sides, the passageway remains as good as barrier-free. For the lower locking points of the leaves, the central plastic profile accommodates short strike plates that can be precisely positioned screwed into slotted holes. At the same time, the plastic surface serves as contact for the adjustable lower brush seals of the sashes. In this way, a lower room seal without a cold bridge is ensured in any case. Of course, these flat thresholds can be used with all HSW types.


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