From the material choice to the surface

Our products are usually composed of technically sophisticated elements for effortless, quiet operation, and protective profiles or cover caps.


Materials for the functional parts of our fittings are selected, combined and processed with a focus on comfort and long service life. The same applies, of course, to the outer form, which later appears as a visible design.


For the final surfaces, we use satin and polished stainless steel but mainly aluminum. The latter is suitable for cover caps, e.g. for locks or corner fittings, due to its good properties when deforming flat material. For long profiles in sliding doors or glass framings, aluminum is recommended due to its low specific weight combined with high stability and tensile strength. Milling from solid aluminum is also suitable for some products.


The appearance of aluminum can be changed by different types of surface finishing. By anodizing, the color tone can be changed, while given structures (e.g. a certain ground finish) remain intact.


With powder coatings, the possibilities for coloring are almost limitless. There are also powders that can be used to achieve exceptionally robust, scratch-resistant and weatherproof surfaces. In addition to defined colors in various degrees of gloss corresponding to current trends, we also offer a wide range of individually selectable colors similar to RAL shades. And if you want something really extraordinary, special powders can also be specifically produced for you by the manufacturer and then processed by us. Of course, detailed specifications are required for this.

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You can find an overview of our standard and special colors for powder coatings here.

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