Plastic packaging material instead of paper?

It depends.

Within the framework of sustainable, environmentally friendly production, we continuously optimise our processes. In doing so, we consider all stages of production up to and including packaging. For example, we have now changed the filling material that protects our high-quality products from impacts during shipping from paper to plastic.

And that is environmentally friendly?

When discussing plastic vs. paper, there is often a misunderstanding. As is so often the case, the correct answer here is: "It depends ...", because the right choice of a plastic filling material also has great advantages from an environmental point of view.

Bubble films are available with air cushions in different sizes. This makes it possible to optimally compensate for hollow spaces in packaging. The bubble films we use also offer other advantages.

  • They reduce the weight of the shipping packaging. Filling material made of paper is approx. 7 times heavier than film.
  • They are made of 100% recycled material and can themselves be returned to the recycling and reuse cycle several times.
  • They come from a production with 0% waste.
  • They produce 7 - 9 times less CO² emissions than paper and 20% less than other films on the market.

In comparison, the production/recycling process for films shows in some cases significantly lower values than for paper in terms of air pollution, water pollutants, water consumption, energy consumption and waste generated.

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