MARCATO Motion – A duet for gentle closing

MARCATO Motion, a swing door solution with integrated self-closing function, is a new member of our family of fittings for interior doors. With this solution, the two visually identical fittings of a door complement each other in their functions: One ensures the secure closing of the door, the other the adjustable speed and damping. The movement of the door is therefore adapted to the needs of the user: If draught is to be avoided and the room climate is to be maintained, a rapid closing is advantageous. For children, senior citizens or people with limited mobility, a more gentle closing process is more suitable. 


Two hinges at the wall - Everything else stays unaffected 

Underfloor heating, high-quality wood, stone flooring or even a threshold in the passage between two rooms? No problem, the floor remains intact. As the entire closing and damping function is integrated into the swinging hinges, there is no need for rotary bushings or additional closers. 


Easy installation – Closing speed adjustable 

With door widths up to 1000 mm and additional side panel widths up to 1500 mm, generous connections between two rooms are created. The installation of the hinges at the wall or in the glass-on-glass version is quite simple. The same applies to the setting of the closing speed. 


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